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Leftovers of Champions: For the Occasion of 20 Years of Hayvanlar Alemi

by Hayvanlar Alemi

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Leftovers of Champions: For the Occasion of 20 Years of Hayvanlar Alemi

Hayvanthropological Field Recordings Series #5
Hayvantropolojik Alan Kayıtları Serisi No:5

Compiled from the vaults of Hayvanlar Alemi and released in November 2019 as part of a series of archival releases to mark the band’s 20th year. Includes three compositions that have not been released in any form, alternate versions of three previously released songs, and three improvisations.


20. Yıl Kutlama Konserleri:

29.11.2019 - Haymatlos, Ankara (Terra ile)

30.11.2019 - Karga, İstanbul (Destroy Earth ve Hakan Tamar ile)

Hayvanlar Alemi is an instrumental psychedelic folk rock band founded in Ankara in 1999. Throughout the years, the band has developed a style of its own, inspired by the innovative musical heritage of Turkey but also informed by the traditional and popular styles of the globe, blending together scales and rhythms of Asia, Africa, Middle East and South America with surf, dub, stoner rock and free improvisation. The ensemble’s music has been released under labels such as Sublime Frequencies (USA), Unrock (Germany) and Glitterbeat (Germany), and received positive reviews from publications such as Wire, The Guardian and Uncut. Hayvanlar Alemi has most recently released the compilation "15 Golden Adventures" on Shalgam Records (Turkey), which includes a selection for beginners culled from the band's releases between 2008 and 2016. The band's next album "Psychedelia in Times of Turbulence", highlighted by influences of doom and drone metal, is coming out in March 2020 on Subsound Records (Italy).


released November 4, 2019

Işık Sarıhan: Drums and percussion.
Özüm İtez: Guitar.
Hazar Mutgan: Bass (01,02,03,04,08); Violin (07).
Gökçe Başar: Guitar (01,05,06,08); Bass (07).

Mix, mastering and cover art by H.A.

Track information:

01 Çok Yaşa Hayvanlar Alemi! (2012) (3:52)

A song that came out from a bass line Hazar showed the rest of the band in a hotel room, and was played on several concerts under the working title "Atina 2" (for it resembled another yet-unreleased song which was codenamed "Atina" for having been born in an improvisation during a concert in Athens.) This recording was made in 2012 during the second studio session for the album Twisted Souvenirs, in Molotov Studios in Stockholm where Hazar was based, when we met and had a few hours to record before leaving for a festival in Estonia. (This was the last Hayvanlar Alemi studio session in quartet form in the past six years, though we had the chance to play live with Gökçe a few times since then.) We don't remember exactly why this song was not included in Twisted Souvenirs, but probably for its not fitting into the mood and/or sound of the album.

Işık Sarıhan: Drums / Özüm İtez: Guitar / Hazar Mutgan: Bass / Gökçe Başar: Guitar.

Composed by Sarıhan, İtez, Mutgan, Başar.

02 Shooting at the Sunset (2012) (2:40)

Another song that was played occasionally in the same period as the previous, under the working title “Molam Roll”. Recorded at Ijland Studios during the first studio session for the album Twisted Souvenirs, when we were on tour and had a day off in Amsterdam. Left out of the album due to various dissatisfactions, the details of which we are not sure about now.

Işık Sarıhan: Drums / Özüm İtez: Guitar / Hazar Mutgan: Bass.

Composed by Sarıhan, İtez, Mutgan.

03 Equatorial Lies (Montebelluna Version) (2017) (4:14)

A version of the previously released song Equatorial Lies, but one that is closer to how it is performed on stage in power trio form. The song began its life as a solo guitar cumbia composition played over a loop, to fill a gap in the repertoire for Özüm's first ever solo performance in 2014. Hayvanlar Alemi arrangement of the song was released in 2016 on the Argentinian label Pakapi Records as a digital split single with the Peruvian band Shhjjjjjj, and later on Shalgam Records on the highlights compilation 15 Golden Adventures. A beer brand from Mexico created a remix of the song, when they were looking for a local-sounding tune to use in a beer advertisement that had a patriotic message in reaction to the anti-Mexican attitude of Donald Trump. This remix deal earned us some money which we spent for a five-day recording session in 2017 at Outside Inside Studio in Montebelluna, Italy, which provided material for the forthcoming album Psychedelia in Times of Turbulence (Subsound Records, 2020) and other future releases. This new version of Equatorial Lies was among the material recorded there and was initially planned for some other future release, but we decided that the current collection is a better fit. Recorded by Matt Bordin. Some overdubs made in 2019.

Işık Sarıhan: Drums and percussion / Özüm İtez: Guitar / Hazar Mutgan: Bass.

Composed by İtez.

04 Süper FM Sörf (2009) (3:32)

Surf version of the years-old jingle of the Turkish radio station Süper FM. A dub-inspired version titled “Süper FM Dub” previously came out on Visions of a Psychedelic Ankara cd-r from 2010 (reissued by Glitterbeat on vinyl with bonus tracks in 2015). Recorded in 2009, at Raven Studios, Ankara. We don’t remember the purpose of the recording or the reason we chose not to release it at that time, but it seems to be recorded in a session where the above mentioned dubby version was recorded, so perhaps it was initially considered to be released on the same album, but from the same session also comes the song Welcome to Sunny Australia, which was recorded to provide some exclusive tracks for the album Guarana Superpower (Sublime Frequencies, 2010) which was a collection of older material. To make things more complicated, the current mixed version was found in a folder with songs that came out on the CD-r BEST BALLADS (Hayvanthropological Field Recordings Series #3, 2010).

Işık Sarıhan: Drums / Özüm İtez: Guitar / Hazar Mutgan: Bass.

Composed by Nezih Ünen, arranged by H.A.

05 Hayvanlar Alemi Enters the Domain of Jumping Ellipsoids (2012) (5:16)

Final minutes of an hour-long improvisation session from 2012. Recorded at Raven Studios, Ankara, in an uncommon formation of two guitars and drums.

Işık Sarıhan: Drums and percussion / Özüm İtez: Guitar / Gökçe Başar: Guitar.

Composed by Sarıhan, İtez, Başar.

06 Abi Ben Singapur'a Taşındım, Artık Singapur'dayım (2009) (8:34)

From another free improvisation session at Raven Studios, Ankara, again in a two-guitars-and-drums formation, but from 2009. It was a fruitful session: It provided the tracks Uçarak Geliyorum and Şahane Tersane for the album Visions of a Psychedelic Ankara, and also its hidden track available on some CD-r pressings, plus the track Akvaryumda Üçüncü Sabah that appeared as an exclusive bonus track in the CD-r compilation Demolar 2008-2009. There has been an idea of releasing the rest of the improv session in a separate Hayvanthropological Field Recordings volume, but the project kept getting postponed.

Işık Sarıhan: Drums / Özüm İtez: Guitar / Gökçe Başar: Guitar.

Composed by Sarıhan, İtez, Başar.

07 Kanatlı Karınca Havası (2005) (6:33)

Free improvisation featuring a rare case of instrumentation with Hazar on violin, Gökçe switching to bass, Özüm on heavily delayed guitar, and Işık playing the drums with brush sticks. It was recorded in 2005 at Midas’ın Kulaklığı studio in Ankara during the recording session of our second CD-r Bekçi, but couldn't make its way into the CD-r for some reason.

Işık Sarıhan: Drums / Özüm İtez: Guitar / Hazar Mutgan: Violin / Gökçe Başar: Bass.

Composed by Sarıhan, İtez, Mutgan, Başar.

08 Yerçekimsiz Ortam 2011 (2011) (2:57)

Yerçekimsiz Ortam is the oldest song of Hayvanlar Alemi, dating back to an improv session around the year 2000, its bass line being a relic of our bass player from the high school years. The song first appeared on the three-song CD-r Summer Hits 2007. This version comes from a 2011 session at Raven Studios, Ankara, where we wanted to record all the three songs again and release them under the title “Summer Hits 2011”. Despite the songs having been recorded, the project did not materialize due to various dissatisfactions. (Biz Bir Aileyiz 2011 ended up as a bonus track on the vinyl re-issue of Visions of a Psychedelic Ankara, and Kaptan Hayvanlar Alemi 2011 appeared in a compilation by Karga Bar in Istanbul before dropping anchor in the album Twisted Souvenirs.)

Işık Sarıhan: Drums / Özüm İtez: Guitar / Hazar Mutgan: Bass / Gökçe Başar: Guitar.

Composed by Sarıhan, İtez, Mutgan, Başar, Soylu.

09 Aydınlık, Renkli ve Belirgin (2010) (1:59)

Originally intended to be a piece with vocals, this was recorded at Özüm’s room in 2010, perhaps as a demo to try out the vocals or during recording some material for BEST BALLADS, or perhaps without a particular reason. It is one of the many songs written in the period immediately following our first official album Gaga (003 Records, 2006) when we were considering to make our second album a predominantly vocal one. Instrumental versions of some of these songs that were initially considered to be with vocals (namely, Mavi Sepet, Biz Bir Aileyiz and Yap-Boz Yiyen Çocuklar) surfaced in various albums, but many of the vocal songs written in that period remain unperformed and unrecorded to this date.

Özüm İtez: Guitar.

Composed by Sarıhan; arranged by İtez.


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